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Current Positions

Customer Service Representative/Receptionist
Nanaimo, British ColumbiaFull-time
Accounting Support
Victoria, British ColumbiaContract
Building Caretaker (FT)
Victoria, British ColumbiaFull-time
Accounting Manager
Victoria, British ColumbiaFull-time
Licensed Property Manager
Victoria, British ColumbiaFull-time
Customer Service Representative/Receptionist (FT)
Victoria, British ColumbiaFull-time

About us

Proline is an industry leader on Vancouver Island, providing clients with peace-of-mind property management services for their strata, rental and commercial properties.

A family company since 1985, we help communities to grow, tenants to find homes, and owners to worry less about their investments.

A little bit about working with us:

With 60+ employees, 4 offices, and over 34 years in the business of property management, we are a friendly, interactive and hardworking group of people focused on developing and improving our organization and contributing to our community. We offer fun and professional working environment, maintaining an inclusive, small business feel while constantly striving to improve and develop as a company. We welcome team members who approach each day with positivity and enjoy working to help others live and grow together.

Shifting the Paradigm

Traditionally, our organization’s mission, vision and values spoke of honesty and integrity. We follow those. However, we want to explain our point of view and perspective with regard to how we serve our clients and communities differently to actively reflect our DNA and our team members.

We brought our whole team together for an offsite day, revisited the story of Proline’s roots, sung some songs, and talked about what is it we love about working at Proline and helping people.

The overwhelming response was that we all care a lot. Also, that we are happy to be here, we support each other, we want to continue to develop ourselves, we build trust by being honest, and we want to have fun. The outcome was our collective purpose and paradigms below.
Helping People Live & Grow Together
We support our clients and communities as we support each other. We create connection and generate progress through learning, listening, and understanding.
Wholehearted Togetherness
Any successful community needs support and encouragement in times of challenge, celebration and recognition when things go well. We share our time and our experiences freely, we care, we are family.
Relentless Incrementalism
We are committed to ongoing improvement and we embrace goals, both big and small. We know that tackling the small things is just as important, and in fact, necessary for accomplishing the big things. What we do every day is more important than what we do once in a while.
Insidious Joy
We make room for fun and laughter in our days. We inspire joy in others even in the face of resistance. By loving what we do, joy is present in the everyday moments.
Radical Transparency
We share information freely. We are authentic, respectful, and act with integrity. We take ownership of our mistakes and are not afraid of new truths or new ideas.
Rebellious Optimism
We believe that we will transform our industry while we transform ourselves. We are driven by solutions and focus on the positive. We know that big ideas take courage and that together, we can do anything and that anything is possible.